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We have so many clients today asking for projects in React simply because it's the "hot" new framework. Well, it's not so much new anymore, but it is still very hot in the development community. Many clients come in and ask us for a React project when not knowing very much about the framework itself. Many times these projects can easily be complete with a different framework or no framework at all which saving loads of development time.

For those who wish to use React, it's time to decide...Do you want server side rendering (SSR) or client side rendering? For internal applications that will be used by staff only and with limited client visibility, going with client side rendering can save some production time. Client side rendering will also give a very snappy feel to the application. However, for those who need a progressive web application that is to accessed by clients, server side rendering has many advantages these days.

It is a little more complicated to server side render React, but that's where Next Js comes in! Next Js along with other frameworks like Gatsby allow you to server side render or even serve a completely static website using React. This creates incredible performance benefits compared to client side rendering. Your application will be much more visible to search engines and will be loaded far quicker than client side rendering.

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Next Js actually gives you the ability to server side render and serve a static if you like. This is pretty powerful. Static sites are great if you don't have a ton of content or interactive data. But the more interactive and large your site grows, the more pains you will experience service your website with a static website generator.

Simmio has tons of experience of working with React along with the other two major frontend frameworks Angular and Vue. Simmio can even program in good old vanilla Javascript where applicable. Using Vanilla Js is a topic for another post, but the point is Simmio can help you make the right decision when using Next Js to build your React project.

Our React programmers are on standby, so check in with one of our friendly sales people in our Houston headquarters to see the benefits of Next for your next website and/or application.