Advanced seo company and web developer

Simmio takes SEO development to the next level by going way beyond content writing, link building, and your standard Wordpress website.

Simmio is run by programmers who understand web development from the ground up not just the front end. We bring years of experience in programming not only websites, but web and mobile applications. Our team has a strong background in Nodejs and multiple javascript/typescript based frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.

Checking SEO Numbers For Houston Company

Most clients simply think they can use Wordpress and a plugin like Yoast. These clients tend to be obsessed with Moz, analytics, and consistently monitoring their performance instead of concerning themselves with site speed, server location, code structure, and many other technical details that have a great affect on search engine optimization.

Here at Simmio we are programmers first and bring a far more advanced and technical view of SEO (search engine optimization) than you will find anywhere else in the city of Houston, Texas. We work with local Houston companies large and small on addressing their local, domestic, and even international SEO concerns.