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React might be the hottest front-end framework out right now. The learning curve for React is a bit easier compared to Angular. Also, the community is massive! This makes React a very popular choice for your next Progressive Web App or even mobile app using React Native.

React doesn't just have to live in the browser either. With the evolution of Gatsby, Next, and other static site generators, programming in React while maintaining SEO readable code is easier than ever. Google is not all that bad these days with reading JavaScript apps, however going with a static site conerter will definitely help and is advised for those who are concerned with their search enging performance from their web app.

High performance web development that is SEO friendly is where Simmio thrives. This is our bread and butter! Designing amazing websites and applications that can be found and navigated easily is what we do best. This does not mean we have to use React either! Depending on your project, no framework may be needed at all or there may be a better solution for achieving your specific goal.

Our expert React team based in Houston, Texas will work with you to figuring out how React can help your business. We can develop personal solutions to creating exactly what you need with or withou the React framework.