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Working with a CMS (content management system) can have great affects on your SEO (search engine optimization) performance. It is a decision that should not be taken likely. Many SEO services will simply recommend you a Wordpress site structure to manager your website's content. This can be okay in some situations, depending on your keyword target.

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It is 2019 now and the internet has changed a lot since the launch of Wordpress. It is all about speed, site structure, and code base now. Google and other search engines want performance, reliability, and trust. You want your site to be clear, concise, and fast.

Going with a headless CMS is the way of the future. Headless offers amazing flexibility and blazing fast speeds. Strapi and Ghost are two examples of headless CMS systems that offer the ability to server your code in whatever frontend you choose. This will keep your website light and quick.

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It is true that headless CMS's typically do not have the type of plugins available that are available with Wordpress. Wordpress offers far more plugins and easy add ons, however going headless now will put your company ahead of the curve.

Best CMS For Money SEO

We here at Simmio in Houston believe that a headless CMS is the best option for SEO at the moment. It may be legwork upfront, but this will pay off overtime as clients switch away from older monolithic systems like Wordpress to more lightweight headless content management systems.