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React is an amazing frontend framework and yes we of course do a ton of work with React here at Simmio. However clients seem to always ask the same question when starting a React project with our company. Does React really affect SEO?

The SEO Learning Curve For React

As of May 2019 when writing this article search engines have become so much better than ever before at actually reading sites like React which deliver pure JavaScript. Especially if you markup your pages correctly and add the correct schema tagging, the affect of React on SEO can be very minimal if any.

For those we have content heavy websites and SEO is a priority, there are some pretty cool frameworks out there that can server side render your React app so you can deliver HTML content to the browser at blazing fast speeds. This is a huge plus for SEO! When using server side rendering there is no difference for SEO and many times serving a our static site like with Gatsby or Next can improve your SEO results!

We typically consult our clients first to understand their actual needs from the application. You would be surprised these days how many clients we have come in asking for a React app when it is total overkill or does not apply at to their needs.

The simple answer to the questions is, no. React no longer has the affect it once had on SEO. You can use a server side rendering framework to eliminate all bad SEO effects from React or simply launch direct JavaScript if SEO is not a top priority for your site.

If you have any questions about React and its affect on optimizing for search engines please contact the Simmio Team here in Houston and we will be happy to help.

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