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Started by a small business owner.

Selling small business is tough.

Simmio was started through a personal frustration with how the small business market is structured.

  • Forget The Cash Offer

    For most small businsesses, your best exit strategy is through someone you know or a reliable employee. A heaven sent amazing full cash offer is extremely rare. Most of the time if you sell for cash, you end up selling for less than half your asking price.

  • Business Operators Not Brokers

    We are small business opertators that buy small businesses and increase their efficieny and/or roll them up. We are not brokers.

Simmio can give small business owners an amazing opportunity to turn their business into a consistent stream of cash flow while stepping away from the day to day operations.

Simmio Services

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Simmio can help small business owners untap equity and move on to their next venture..

Buy Outs

Simmio can help structure a deal to buy out your small business over a number of years creating consistent cash flow for the owner.

Equity Financing

Looking to expand? Simmio can help with equity financing for small local businesses.


Just want to chat about your options? Give us a call. Our advice is free. We love speaking with small business owners.


Simmio Team

Started by a small business owner.

Sheldon Lavis


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Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to some frequently asked questions we receive about how Simmio works and why we can be one of the best options for a small business owner to exit.

  • Simmio offers small business owners an easier way to exit.

    We buy businesses with a high amount of owner financing, closer to full asking price, and give the current ownership a stake in the upside after purchase.

  • For some select businesses, yes. However, the majority of our business is structured around creating tax advantaged cash flow through owner financing for current small business owners.

  • Owner financing may seem risky, however for many small businsses it is by far the best option. We would be happy to discuss how and why owner financing is best for both seller and buyer in smaller business transcations.

  • In some situations our business will provide financing to certain small businesses. Please contact us for more information on our private equity financing availability.


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